CNC Explorer Excel Application


The CNC EXPLORER is a tool to help understand various settings on a CNC Router. Interactive adjustments encourage the exploration of different settings and trade-offs. 

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  • Graphical Materials Table for 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ Router Bits with an Area for Custom Materials.
  • Suggested Router Spindle RPM Settings.
  • Chip Load Values for each Material and Bit Selection.
  • Ability to configure 2 different Router/Spindle Limits for A/B Comparison.
  • Editable Section for the CNC Feed Rate Limits.
  • Sliders and Scroll Buttons to Experiment with different RPM and Chipload Combinations.
  • Scroll Buttons to Select Bit Diameters and Number of Flutes
  • Ability to “Dial” down the Settings to a SAFE mode Reducing Feed Rates and RPM Speeds,
  • Toggle Buttons Course and Fine to program Depth of Cut and Width of Cut.
  • CNC Explorer will Calculate A Chip Thinning Adjustment and can be applied to your Setup.
  • Surface Speed SFM, Material Removal Rate, and Required Motor HP are Calculated and Displayed.
  • Spindle Wattage is Monitored and Warnings Reported Against Programmed Limits.
  • Spindle RPM and CNC Feed Rates are Calculated with/without Chip Thinning Compensation.

Full Version 10$

Compatible with Excel 2003 and up and with Free LibreOffice 6.4.

Offered with free upgrades until next major revision.

Customer support. Instant download.

Oval Natural Cedar Wooden Soap Dish


Natural Incense Cedar Wood Soap Dish
“Oval” Updated design.

4 1/2”x 3”x 3/4”
Solid Incense Cedar Wood
Natural Finish

This functional and elegant soap saver dish is made from solid Aromatic Incense Cedar designed to allow air to circulate around your soap to preserve and give it a longer life. Incense Cedar is perfect for bathroom accessories because of its natural decay and water resistance and old-world charm for any decor.

Also shown with optional tray to keep your sink clean of runoff.

Slots are cut throughout the soap saver dish allowing water to drain away from all sides of your favorite soaps promoting a well-ventilated dry safe place to keep your soap. The unique design collects the water and drains down to three slots in the center.

All surfaces are smoothly sanded but left unfinished so that you can enjoy the aromatic spicy natural cedar scent.

Don’t let that wonderful bar of handmade soap dissolve! Because handcrafted soaps contain natural glycerin, they are more soluble than store-bought soaps. To extend the life of your new soap, keep it in a well ventilated & well-drained place after each use