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    An ongoing list of release versions and corrections released in the demo version.

    Make sure you do a refresh in your browser. If running an installed App you will need to open – Close on the next open it will download the newest code.

    The version number on the bottom of the App should be the same as the latest version update listed in this thread.


    Version 1.2

    – Reduced colors in UI display to help decutter the looks
    – Fixed the Sweet Spot Feed Rate display to show changes in mm from the Fine Tune Slider.


    1.2.1 Fix speed display width
    1.2.1 Added VersionTag class to simplify version display row
    1.3.0 Changed popup label on Spindle Adjust Slider to show Feed Rate. More intuitive
    1.3.1 Added Class displays for material and tools display to simplify code
    1.4.0 Added small tool library. Added random selector in Demo for material and tool


    1.5.0 Added random selections on the buttons picking from libraries.
    1.5.1 Increased width of widgets. Added new tool bits to the library. Modified Tool Library Structure
    1.6.0 Increased all widget sizes. This fixes the small screen sizes. Also fitted box responsive.
    1.6.0 Added radius boards on all widgets for looks.
    1.6.1 Modified power estimate calculations. Was overestimating. Modified scaling of chip loads based on materials. Minor tweaking of UI

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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