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Brett – like the layout. Seems like it will be easier than the spreadsheet. I would suggest lot fewer colors. Its really busy. Colors should be reserved for the info to plug into your cnc software. When running locally, will users be able to add tools to the tool database?

Edwood – +1 on the look and ease of use. I get your comment on the colors. My idea was to group the sections by color but perhaps I went a little overboard? I am trying out some combinations now to see if that can be cleaned up. BTW whenever you click on the link you will get the latest version on the server although you might need to do a refresh on your browser to see it. If the App has been installed there is a “Flutter Feature” that requires you to close the instance you have and the next time you load it will update from the server. I do hope Flutter can fix that “Feature”

And yes you will be able to add tools and materials into the databases. It actually won’t matter if you run from the link or install locally. The data will always be stored locally which is a very cool feature about Flutter Web. Initially, this will be the approach I will be taking. The downside of this approach would be the database would be tied to a specific device. For those only running on the same device, it’s not an issue but for someone who would like to occasionally run it say on their mobile, I am not sure yet how to handle it. The other option would be to make a cloud database that could be accessed everywhere. That approach would be I think more difficult to implement. Maybe some will have an opinion.