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Allen – After toying with it for under a minute, I caught on to how it is meant to work and it seems pretty intuitive to me. The hover-over help boxes worked fine on my browser (Firefox 86.0.1 64-Bit). I’m not 100% sure, but the IPM slider at the top is mostly meant to let you see the impact that changing feedrate has on spindle/router power consumption (as well as volumetric material removal and surface speed). I really like this approach already, compared to the spreadsheets that I’ve tried using. I can see myself using this app a lot in the future. Well done!

Edwood – Exactly right the top slider is to mainly give the ability to fine-tune the feed rate to adjust the power consumption and MRR. If you are using a router like the Makita or Dewalt the speed steps are rather a course and it is sometimes not possible to pick a speed that is in the sweet spot but yet not overpowering the spindle. But in those cases, the CNC has a much finer adjustment to find an optimum solution. And very glad you are noticing the tool is intuitive. Thank you for your great feedback.