I found the need to add a forum plug-in to help with on going conversations with testers for my new CN Explorer Web App I am developing. I started off with a comment section but realized I really couldn’t reply or answer questions. So it made sense to set upContinue Reading

I guess its a good thing google is recognizing my site. Its a bad thing the Spammers have as well. The deluge of spam comments have been growing seemingly exponentially lately. I wanted to allow anyone to add a comment but that is starting to become unmanageable having to deleteContinue Reading

We are very happy to announce a new affiliate partnership with TOOLSTODAY. I have bought Amana CNC bits off them and have been very impressed with their quick shipments and customer support. I highly recommend shopping with them. I am planning on recommending their starter CNC Bit sets as aContinue Reading

I thought it would be interesting to document new designs and update progress. That way I will have a record and perhaps some will find it interesting to see how the sausages are made so to speak. Look for the Category “Project Designs”Continue Reading