I created a Free CNC calculator to help sort the a delicate balance between Feed Rates, Chip Loads, Spindle Speed, and Power that go into finding a CNC setup the optimizes finish quality and minimizes the time required. Continue Reading

I hate sanding as much as the next but I learned a useful trick from a class I took from William Bush ~ Founder and CEO of Bush Products INC. On each grit of sandpaper make some squiggle marks on your board with a pencil. When you remove all the pencil marksContinue Reading

By making use of the Tool-path tiling function in the Vectric Aspire software I would be able to break up the project into smaller sections (“Tiles”) that will fit in my CNC work area. And by shifting the workpiece to each section I would mill the larger project on my smaller machine. I also pointed out a few issues with that approach chiefly the amount of space required to shift the full tiles step size of 16″. Continue Reading

After hem and hawing for years I finally found a CNC with excellent value that will help me with my future business plans. Continue Reading