See in my SHOP NOW I made a modified Aztec Calendar in the theme of Star Wars for my daughter’s Christmas present this year. I came up with the idea of adding a clock into the design because I was thinking while the Star Wars design was very cool, addingContinue Reading

To make clean efficient cuts on a CNC Router, picking the proper feed rates and spindle RPM is crucial. But many are not sure how this is accomplished and end up using settings that lead to poor cuts and premature wear on their tools. The CNC EXPLORER is a tool to help understand various settings on a CNC Router. Interactive adjustments encourage the exploration of different settings and trade-offs. The tool monitors settings that would create over-stresses on the CNC system. The result is a set up within the capabilities of the machine tooling producing a good efficient and safe cut.Continue Reading

Re post from January 2008. A special project I gave to our 8 year old Caitlyn I wanted to make sure it was uploaded on my new site. Continue Reading

This post is going to be a running list of things and ideas I am contemplating working on. Or maybe you have an idea for a creation? So many times in the past I have thought of something cool but never wrote it down or did anything with it. LikeContinue Reading

Our eldest daughter Lauren recently contacted me requesting if I would remake her another earring holder I made for her some years ago but with a Hair Bow Option. Sounds like a Christmas present in the works.Continue Reading

Just after the lockdown for Covid started and I was in quarantine for exposure a fine company MakeCNC offered free downloads to some of their CNC cut puzzles for some flower designs. It was still a ways off from Mother’s Day but I had a thought to cut them out on myContinue Reading