Help for the CNC Explorer Web App. Current Version 1.6.2 Send any comments and feed back directly About the CNC Explorer Web App. How do I download the App? How do I install the App on my device? Why Feeds and Speeds are Important? What does the Fine Tune CNCContinue Reading


After extensive research, I believe I found an excellent platform to develop my next version 2.0. I and have chosen to use Google’s Flutter environment and create a PWA (Progressive Web Application). A PWA runs entirely in a Web Browser but can also be installed on a Home Screen for quick access.Continue Reading


See in my SHOP NOW I made a modified Aztec Calendar in the theme of Star Wars for my daughter’s Christmas present this year. I came up with the idea of adding a clock into the design because I was thinking while the Star Wars design was very cool, addingContinue Reading

We are very happy to announce a new affiliate partnership with TOOLSTODAY. I have bought Amana CNC bits off them and have been very impressed with their quick shipments and customer support. I highly recommend shopping with them. I am planning on recommending their starter CNC Bit sets as aContinue Reading

To make clean efficient cuts on a CNC Router, picking the proper feed rates and spindle RPM is crucial. But many are not sure how this is accomplished and end up using settings that lead to poor cuts and premature wear on their tools. The CNC EXPLORER is a tool to help understand various settings on a CNC Router. Interactive adjustments encourage the exploration of different settings and trade-offs. The tool monitors settings that would create over-stresses on the CNC system. The result is a set up within the capabilities of the machine tooling producing a good efficient and safe cut.Continue Reading

I created a Free CNC calculator to help sort the a delicate balance between Feed Rates, Chip Loads, Spindle Speed, and Power that go into finding a CNC setup the optimizes finish quality and minimizes the time required. Continue Reading

By making use of the Tool-path tiling function in the Vectric Aspire software I would be able to break up the project into smaller sections (“Tiles”) that will fit in my CNC work area. And by shifting the workpiece to each section I would mill the larger project on my smaller machine. I also pointed out a few issues with that approach chiefly the amount of space required to shift the full tiles step size of 16″. Continue Reading

After hem and hawing for years I finally found a CNC with excellent value that will help me with my future business plans. Continue Reading