I thought it would be interesting to document new designs and update progress. That way I will have a record and perhaps some will find it interesting to see how the sausages are made so to speak. Look for the Category “Project Designs”Continue Reading

By making use of the Tool-path tiling function in the Vectric Aspire software I would be able to break up the project into smaller sections (“Tiles”) that will fit in my CNC work area. And by shifting the workpiece to each section I would mill the larger project on my smaller machine. I also pointed out a few issues with that approach chiefly the amount of space required to shift the full tiles step size of 16″. Continue Reading

Re post from January 2008. A special project I gave to our 8 year old Caitlyn I wanted to make sure it was uploaded on my new site. Continue Reading

This post is going to be a running list of things and ideas I am contemplating working on. Or maybe you have an idea for a creation? So many times in the past I have thought of something cool but never wrote it down or did anything with it. LikeContinue Reading

Our eldest daughter Lauren recently contacted me requesting if I would remake her another earring holder I made for her some years ago but with a Hair Bow Option. Sounds like a Christmas present in the works.Continue Reading

After hem and hawing for years I finally found a CNC with excellent value that will help me with my future business plans. Continue Reading