To make clean efficient cuts on a CNC Router, picking the proper feed rates and spindle RPM is crucial. But many are not sure how this is accomplished and end up using settings that lead to poor cuts and premature wear on their tools. The CNC EXPLORER is a tool to help understand various settings on a CNC Router. Interactive adjustments encourage the exploration of different settings and trade-offs. The tool monitors settings that would create over-stresses on the CNC system. The result is a set up within the capabilities of the machine tooling producing a good efficient and safe cut.Continue Reading

I created a Free CNC calculator to help sort the a delicate balance between Feed Rates, Chip Loads, Spindle Speed, and Power that go into finding a CNC setup the optimizes finish quality and minimizes the time required. Continue Reading

Just realized after doing some site maintaince the great post about refreshing my Soap Saver Product line has vaporized 🙁 I think I have enabled backups now so hopefully it won’t happen again.Continue Reading

I hate sanding as much as the next but I learned a useful trick from a class I took from William Bush ~ Founder and CEO of Bush Products INC. On each grit of sandpaper make some squiggle marks on your board with a pencil. When you remove all the pencil marksContinue Reading

I thought it would be interesting to document new designs and update progress. That way I will have a record and perhaps some will find it interesting to see how the sausages are made so to speak. Look for the Category “Project Designs”Continue Reading