Originally published in January 2008.

This was a special project I made for Caitlyn. I wanted to make sure is was upload on my new site. The workmanship not the best but I meant a lot to create it.

Our youngest daughter Caitylyn of 8 has become a student of Egyptology it seems. When she and I discussed what kind of box she might like me to make for her she instantly piped up with a Scarab box. I replied “Huh?” She then showed me her scarab necklace she got at the art museum. I looked at and thought oh my this would involve carving and I am not sure I can do that! But I decided it would be cool and a great Christmas gift for her so I would give it a go.

I started with a solid block of Basswood and cut out an oval block with a domed top on my band saw. I then traced out a Scarab pattern I designed on the top. I then cut off the top which would become the lid and cut out the cavity. Then the fun part I started carving with a cheap collection of tools I picked up at our local AC More. By the way it doesn’t pay to buy cheap tools. But they worked well enough to allow me to rough in the shapes. I did the final grooving and shaping with my Dremel Contor Sander.

The finish was done with water based stains going for an antique washed coating and coated with water based Polyacrylate.

I did some research to figure out how to spell her name in Hieroglyphics and used my wood burner to carve out her name Caitlyn and finally personalized the inside lid. The end result was she loved it am I am pretty proud how it came out.

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