Our eldest daughter Lauren recently contacted me after seeing the post I made about our youngest Cait’s plaque I made for her. She mentioned if I would remake her another earring holder I made for her some years ago. I had long since figured it got lost in one of her moves but was very pleased when she informed me no and in fact the reason she wanted a new one was the old one was filled to the brim and she has lots of loose earrings with no home. No this a request I can get behind!.

I asked her what different she wanted this time. Her really only request was “Bigger”. Ok I can do that. Plus she also wanted somewhere to hang her numerous “Hair Bows”. I really don’t have a clue what a hair bow is nor what to make for a holder so looks like I need to do some research. As far as bigger I told her it would probably have to wait until I get my bigger CNC so I would plan on making it for this years Christmas present.

To the drawing board!

Here is a link to my build post from December 2007.



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