This post is going to be a running list of things and ideas I am contemplating working on. Or maybe you have an idea for a creation?

So many times in the past I have thought of something cool but never wrote it down or did anything with it. Like the time I came up with a Laser Tag type game way back before it became a thing. Why I could have been someone!

My Bucket List of Ideas

Likely Will doMaybe will do
New earring tree holder design with hair bow holders
In the Cue
undefinedShape cutout with maybe a lithophane insert of a pictureI created a prototype and looking into making it a colored lithophane picture
Refresh my Soap Dish incorporating customer feedback. Add some kind of dish to place on to capture run off.

V Carve Inlay Coasters. Been wanting to try the technique for awhile. Can do on my current micro CNC. Likely will be a new product for sale
Classic Autos using 4 sided machining techniques. Top/Bottom/Sides/Front/Back. Still working out method and will need my new CNC
Active Noise Cancellation for CNC router and Shop Vac enclosures. I am going to have to deal with the noise from my system so might work out a system. Might be a market for one.

Got an idea for a new creation?

Let us know and maybe we can build something together!


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