By making use of the Tool-path tiling function in the Vectric Aspire software I would be able to break up the project into smaller sections (“Tiles”) that will fit in my CNC work area. And by shifting the workpiece to each section I would mill the larger project on my smaller machine. I also pointed out a few issues with that approach chiefly the amount of space required to shift the full tiles step size of 16″. Continue Reading

Re post from January 2008. A special project I gave to our 8 year old Caitlyn I wanted to make sure it was uploaded on my new site. Continue Reading

This post is going to be a running list of things and ideas I am contemplating working on. Or maybe you have an idea for a creation? So many times in the past I have thought of something cool but never wrote it down or did anything with it. LikeContinue Reading

Our eldest daughter Lauren recently contacted me requesting if I would remake her another earring holder I made for her some years ago but with a Hair Bow Option. Sounds like a Christmas present in the works.Continue Reading

After hem and hawing for years I finally found a CNC with excellent value that will help me with my future business plans. Continue Reading

Just after the lockdown for Covid started and I was in quarantine for exposure a fine company MakeCNC offered free downloads to some of their CNC cut puzzles for some flower designs. It was still a ways off from Mother’s Day but I had a thought to cut them out on myContinue Reading